Decorative Fencing




1812 Cast Iron Steelworks  are specialist suppliers of decorative steel fencing and gates.


Supplying quality material to trade and DIY markets, with finished product installed for the retail customer.


Cast iron is molten metal poured into a mould and although similar to wrought iron is generally more intricate and detailed.


Wrought iron is forged or cold bent mild steel shaped by a smith, or these days bent by a machine to form decorative shapes.


Both forms have their place but when physical presence, strength and durability are considered, not to mention the "WOW" factor, cast iron is in a class of it's own.


Decorative steel fencing never goes out of fashion 


Always admired wherever it is seen around the world, decorative fencing between masonry pillars make a statement that defies period characterisation. 


Our fencing continues to be our 'stock in trade', proving yet again the value of this timeless quality product.


To complete the equation, Cast Iron Driveway and Pedestrian Gates will provide a seamless and secure addition to the entrance to your property.


Quality, value and long life are key ingredients to making a purchase.


With 1812 Cast Iron Fencing you get timeless added value that gives you pleasure everytime you arrive.


The team at 1812 are here to assist and advise you in how to obtain the best result for your entrance. 


We guarantee heads will turn as they travel past your door, our disclaimer is we can't guarantee they won't knock on it to ask after the fence. 



From the builders of quality, timeless cast iron entrances.




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